Unlike conventional small hydropower generators, our pipe-mounted rim-driven small hydropower generator does not require mechanical devices such as shafts. It is also a new-concept small hydro generator that generates electricity with propellers attached directly to a ring-shaped rim. In addition, unlike the conventional ones, ours is a small hydropower generation system that is directly connected to the discharge water pipeline without the need for civil construction (dam or water barrier).


    This provides high-efficiency permanent magnet generators and motors optimized for wind power, hydrogen power, and marine energy. We aim to provide technical solutions for the design, manufacture, and engineering of small to medium-large generators and motors optimized for our customers' products.


    We aim to provide the best electric propulsion system technology solutions for hybrid and electric propulsion ships Future ship, hybrid electric propulsion ship to open a new business era That is, we will open the era of new maritime business, converging environment and technology.

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We make tomorrow clean with
Excellent technology and innovation.

A company specializing in new and renewable energy, we pursue harmonious development of nature and humans as a new leader in new and renewable energy aimed at a clean and clean environment based on integrity.

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Small Hydro Power Generator
PM Generator/Motor
Electric Propulsion Ship
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  • 2023. 01
    Filed patent for permanent magnet type rotor and its repair method (10-2023-0007084)
  • 2022. 12
    Exported hybrid wind power system (surveillance camera) to NSC in Japan
  • 2022. 12
    Signed a business agreement with Russia’s Polymer Export LLC
  • 2022. 11
    Applied patent for rim-drive small hydro power generator (10-2022-0156951)
  • 2022. 11
    Applied patent for hybrid electric propulsion system for ships (PCT/KR2022/017531)
  • 2022. 10
    Signed a business agreement with Japan’s New Star Communication Co., Ld.
  • 2022. 10
    Confirmed as a business for green guarantee by the Korea Energy Agency

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